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Virtual Universes, Digital Property, and AI Practices Will Be Trend-Setters

As Softtech, we have shared our projections concerning the trends to be on the rise soon in the “2022 Technology Report”. The report prepared by considering the period until 2080 features topics such as the development of AI, open banking, crypto finance instruments, Web3, Blockchain, Virtual Universes, and Sustainability. In our report, many exciting topics such as Digital Sensory Interaction, Organizations Without Employees, and Wearable Technologies have stood out as the technology trends that will enter our lives.

We have published our “2022 Technology Report” prepared to demonstrate what effects technology trends have on human life based on various perspectives and evaluate their usage areas. Our report also includes projections, evaluations, and suggestions on when the future technology trends will be caught on the radar in the upcoming years and how great the magnitude of their effects will be.

Prepared for the 5th time this year, the report reveals our evaluations on technology trends and developments under four main headings: “The Future of Technologies“, “Financial Technologies“, “Environment, Human, and Digitalization“, and “Startup Ecosystem“.

Which are the issues that step forth on the Technology Radar?

Prepared by considering the period until 2080, Technology Radar includes our projections from 4 different perspectives: Business Life, Artificial Life, Digital Life, and Physical Life. In Business Life, “Remote Working” and “Digital Nomads” are expected to remain on the radar soon. On the other hand, “Organizations Without Employees” are projected to be established by 2030 for “Artificial Companies” expected to be stand out in the Digital Period.

Technology Radar also states that after the 2040s, using a mobile device to communicate with another person will not be necessary and that the ability to communicate from body to body via wearable technologies will be possible.

We will have digitalized senses in the 2030s

The Future of Technologies” section of our report highlights many topics such as AI, Quantum Computers, Blockchain, Wearable Technologies, Web3, and Digital ID practices. The report projects that AI applications in technology will be on the rise in 2022, highlighting the critical significance of commercial use of quantum computers and quantum machine learning for future technologies.

It also includes the possibility of being introduced to experiences similar to what we have in the physical world, in smell, taste, and thoughts via digital sensory interaction by the 2030s. This projection states that it will be possible to smell the perfume before purchasing it from an eCommerce site, breathe the sea when you are at home, as if you were on a beach, and feel its moisture on your skin.

In 2040, cash usage will not be a preferred method

Our report’s “Financial Technologies” section covers a wide range of topics, including banking systems, digital banks, next-gen investment applications, and cryptocurrencies. The report expects blockchain systems to stand out in global banking and reveals that concepts such as digital wallets will be used more in the new year.

On top of all these developments, the report highlights that cash will be used less and not be a preferred method globally by 2040.

The world of the Metaverse will remove the obstacles

Our report’s “Environment, Human, and Digitalization” features the application of the sustainability concept in different areas. This section also underlines that post-pandemic business life and rehearsals of new crises, the concept of sustainable energy today with the ongoing effects of the climate crisis, sustainable trade, and the impacts of remote and hybrid working models on human and industries will be increasingly covered on the agenda of many countries.

However, among the topics to be expected to stand out most in the digitalizing world soon is Metaverse. The report predicts that stores will earn their place in the metaverse world swiftly, leading to redesigning experiences. This section also shares evaluations on how this new world will remove many obstacles we face in the physical world.

Successful entrepreneurs will expand the ecosystem

Startup Ecosystem“, the fourth and final section of our 2022 Technology Report, covers the developments in the startup ecosystems of China, Silicon Valley, Europe, and Turkey.

Turkey’s Startup Ecosystem evaluation of this section reveals how Turkey entered a new era with successful entrepreneurs in 2021. The development of angel investments and VC (Venture Capital) investment activities highly drew attention. Turkey’s first unicorns have increased investment by over 1,000% from 2020 to 2021. According to our report, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the digitalization of the offline economy, increasing the significance of tech companies. The activities of startups ecosystems today will help determine their position on the global stage tomorrow. Turkey is expected to rise further in the lists of global startup ecosystems by maintaining this momentum.

Click here to access the 2022 Technology Report.