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Pioneering In Technology

Since 2006, we have been offering our customers products and services that "make time for life", focussing on innovation with over 1600 employees in our offices in Istanbul, Ankara, and Cyprus. While closely following the global technology trends with our innovation centre in San Francisco (Maxitech), we also grow our export geography via priority banking and finance software. Besides providing solutions to our business partners, we also include innovation and in-house entrepreneurship in our primary strategy, offering creative, sustainable, and innovative solutions to our customers and exceeding their needs.


Developed as products within Softtech, "LiveWell", which offers its customers solutions in the healthcare industry, and the port automation system "GullsEye", with the Best In-house Entrepreneurship Award, now continue to operate as two different companies, representing the successful results of the support provided to in-house entrepreneurship. Our goal is to contribute to the sustainability of our national economy and employment by supporting the external startup ecosystem with our in-house entrepreneurship structure.


We offer Softlanding services to Turkish startups seeking to expand into the American and Asian markets via our innovations centres in San Francisco and Shanghai for supporting startups to transform into global companies that contribute to society.


In 2021 Awards of the Informatics 500, which is the most comprehensive IT survey of Turkey, assessing companies developing information technologies and providing solutions, we received the grand prizes in Turkey-Centered Producer Software, IT 500 Plus Finance Banking Sector Software and Turkey-centered Producer Sectoral Software categories.