Pioneering In Technology

Since 2006, we have been the biggest software company of Turkey, founded and owned by domestic capital with more than 1600 competent employees, having operations at a total of 10 different locations in Istanbul, Ankara, San Francisco and Shanghai. With the strength of our experience in banking and finance industry and our experienced human resources, we are developing customer-oriented solutions for our business partners operating in diverse areas.


We firmly proceed on the road to become a strong and global player with our products in various areas including banking, healthcare, port automation, real estate portfolio management where we offer creative and innovative solutions.Towards this goal, we support many innovative enterprises and help them open up to the world.


Our assertion to be a top software technology company of Turkey is reflected in the statistics.We achieved the first place in software industry at ‘‘Bilişim 500 - Türkiye’nin ilk 500 Bilişim Şirketi’’ listing prepared by Interpromedya.


Now, we raise the bar again! In accordance with our new approach as Turkey’s leading technology company, we are implementing pioneering steps on the subject of digital transformation and innovative business models.Our goal is to take the technology to the next level with creative, fast, efficient, and secure solutions.