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Corporate Innovation Service

We help you partner with major startup ecosystems for the most innovative ideas and projects.


We bring you the latest technologies from Silicon Valley and China’s most innovative startups to help you gain a competitive advantage.


We manage your transformation with our service model that identifies, develops, and implements new technologies with our extensive expertise


We let you find the best potential partners.

We identify the best initiatives and technologies for strategic collaboration among various organizations and startups and make them available for organizations.

We enable fast access to ​innovative applications.

With our technology bases and trained technical staff, we closely monitor and experience the innovations in the market and share our tangible interpretations and conclusions with our business partners.

We offer the fastest access to advanced technologies

We handle agreements with foreign companies without being held back by international dynamics and enable you to get business outcomes much faster thanks to our technology bases all around the world.

We build the bridges of global innovation

We enable the creation of maximum mutual benefit by combining the bureaucratic processes of corporate enterprises with the dynamism of startups in a way that will ensure seamless management.


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Kurumsal İnovasyon Hizmeti, hakkında işletmenize uygun çözüm ve araçları keşfetmek için bilgi alabilirsiniz.