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Plateau Platform

The Next-Generation Software Development Platform by Softtech


Plateau is Softtech’s next generation software development platform that utilizes low-code and works on a cloud based operation framework.


Plateau is developed for all enterprises that aim undergoing digital transformation as trouble-free as possible.


Faster Software Development

Plateau provides low code tools that allows its customers to build their applications faster, enabling code standardization and reducing complexity, directly reducing software development costs.

Easier Software Development

Using Plateau Studio, our low code application development environment, employees with little to no technical knowledge can develop software.

Speed, Resource Management & Agility

With hard to find technical talent requirements and development time dramatically reduced and agility increased, our customers create their software faster than ever.

Plateau Microservices & Applications

Open source based microservice framework makes distributed systems more manageable. Log, Trace & Monitor your applications with Plateau framework & NFRs.

Flexible Support Plans

Everything you need for your application. Our support plans are available for requirements including installation, maintanence & software upgrade.


Contact us now to experience fast & easy software development on Plateau’s stable core.


Build fast on a stable core using Plateau.