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We train our new friends with our Innovation Incubation Program

With our Innovation Incubation Program, we give newly graduates the opportunity to strengthen their new generation learning experiences. 113 new employees have benefited from our Innovation Incubation Program, where lean entrepreneurship, design thinking methodologies and techniques are taught.

By offering creative and innovative solutions, we are rapidly progressing to become a strong and global player in the international market. In addition to providing solutions to our business partners, we have determined innovation and in-house entrepreneurship as our main strategy. In line with our strategy, we support our employees for the development and commercialization of innovative business ideas from different sectors and we aim to make pioneering startups within the company.

The incubation programs that exist in order to enable the startups to survive, develop and grow at the first stage are known as the most effective structures in the world with their development of a new idea. In order to support our employees in order to develop and implement innovative business ideas, we carry out pioneering work focused on in-house entrepreneurship and innovation.

With the Innovation Incubation Program, designed for new graduates, in cooperation with Softtech Academy and Innovation teams, we organize programs at regular intervals for 6 months. We have trained a total of 113 people in two years with our Innovation Incubation Program with the participation of 41 newly graduate employees last year and 72 newly graduate employees this year.

The newly graduates, working in teams, learned the “lean entrepreneurship” and “design thinking” methodologies and techniques required in the process of maturing a new idea. The teams, who attended workshops every three weeks, developed themselves by working on steps such as business model design and “Financial Modeling”.

Great chance to visit our offices in China and America

During the program, teams are assigned expert team mentors from Softtech Innovation team, and team mentors contribute to their development by answering all the questions and directing the teams during the program. Teams making “Investor Presentation” at the end of the program by designing all the processes that ripen a new business idea may have the chance to visit our China and America offices according to their project suitability. In addition to the trainings, the teams that come together at certain periods carry out additional studies such as field analysis and customer interviews.