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We keep implementing pioneering technologies with “Talent Generation”


Applications for “Talent Generation”, a talent program focusing on coding and software development, which provides the opportunity to work full-time at Softtech, closed on May 28.
Since 2016, we have welcomed 350 young engineers with our Talent Generation program, and we will shape the future and continue to implement pioneering technologies with young people having graduated from university or graduating this summer

Applications for our “Talent Generation” program, which focuses on analysis, coding, and software development, where we discover young talents, have closed. In the program, which includes personal training, mentorship and in-house entrepreneurship experience, candidates will be evaluated through HackerRank technical assessment, iTEP English exam, online group work, Learning Agility Inventory, and online technical interview. Then, the offer and orientation process will begin. After these stages, young people having graduated from university or graduating this summer will have the opportunity to work full-time as part of the program.

“We received 6,340 applications for Talent Generation this year”

Highlighting that Softtech enables young talents to actualize their potential, our General Director M. Bülent Özçengel said, “We see that hiring criteria have changed significantly in the last 10 years. As a company that produces pioneering technologies, values, and focuses on people, we build our entire human resources strategy on learning agility. We also strategically attach great importance to discovering new talents and revealing their potential. To this end, we have been organizing Talent Generation for new graduates every year since 2016. We have so far employed 350 young graduates within Softtech as part of our Talent Generation program. This year, we received 6,340 applications. The increasing number of applications every year shows that we are on the right track.”

New employment programs are crucial for reverse brain drain

Stating that they have employed 256 people in the last 3 years through the new employment programs, M. Bülent Özçengel continued: “Collaborating with universities and various organizations, we contribute to the professional development of young people with the internship opportunities we offer. Our number of employees has increased by 33% in the last 3 years. Of this number, 256 people joined us through new employment programs. It makes us very happy to see these rates increase every year. We believe that development is a never-ending journey, and we always support our employees in this regard. We also think that it is vital to create new employment programs for reverse brain drain. As Softtech, we will continue to support young people every year to achieve this goal.”

Softtech Innovation Team will mentor teams

Young people who are eligible to be part of Talent Generation will be involved in the Innovation Incubation Program in addition to their full-time jobs and will be introduced to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. They will have the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial ideas under the guidance of mentors, along with trainings consisting of theoretical knowledge. In addition, individuals will contribute their development in areas such as cooperation, team play, simplicity, design-oriented thinking, and creativity. Softtech Innovation team will mentor the teams and share their knowledge and experience, while also contributing to their development through Q&A sessions. At the end of the program, the teams will make an investor presentation with their business models to the innovation monitoring committee.