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The awards of IT 500 , that is the most comprehensive survey of the IT field, found their owners. As Turkey’s leading technology companies, we take first in the Finance Sector Software category of the year at IT 500.

The results of Informatics 500 survey, which assesses companies developing information technology and solutions in Turkey, were announced at an award ceremony held in the digital environment. As Turkey’s leading technology company, we take first in the Finance Sector Software category of the year at IT 500.

“We are one of the institutions that adapt quickly to the pandemic”

Softtech General Manager M. Murat Ertem shared his feelings upon receiving the award: “With the recent increasing technology investments in our country as well as the whole world, with the pandemic, there has been a great orientation to new generation technologies in the pandemic. From payment to shopping, from their business to social lives, people welcomed the new opportunities provided by technology.

The benefits of the investments are made by companies that produce extremely important solutions for humanity in the most risky times. The situation that affects our life and our way of life also has affected the financial technology market. As a technology company, we are coming first as one of the institutions that adapt to the new process and offer solutions in the fastest way. Our country is ahead of the world in the field of technology.”

“We are able to produce flexible and efficient solutions in finance.”

Our General Manager M. Murat Ertem said that the process we live in will guide many companies in understanding and evaluating different opportunities and issues that need to be focused on: “As SoftTech, with more than 1,400 professional staff in our San Francisco, Shanghai and Turkey offices as well with our technology subsidiaries in Germany, we are able to follow the technology trends in the world on site, and produce flexible and effective solutions for the finance sector in national and international terms. We develop customer-oriented solutions by digitizing our experience in the banking and finance sector and our business partners operating in different fields. To be awarded in finance, which is a critical area for the country’s economy and public health, is extremely gratifying.”