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As SOFTTECH and HAVELSAN, we signed a partnership agreement to carry out projects in various fields, especially in digital transformation.

Along with the company executives, in the representation of HAVELSAN, Chairman of the Board – Dr. Celal Sami Tüfekci and Vice Chairman of the Board – Prof. Dr. Hacı Ali Mantar and on behalf of SOFTTECH, our Chairman of the Board – Sabri Gökmenler and our General Manager – M. Murat Ertem attended the signing ceremony held in Isbank Tower.

In partnership with HAVELSAN, we will develop shared solutions in digital transformation, data analytics and business intelligence.

The HAVELSAN competencies of application development, system & software design, corporate architecture and open-source transformation will be in the foreground, while SOFTTECH will be prominent through its corporate applications, productization, digital transformation, business intelligence and data analytics during the partnership.

The forthcoming projects will contribute to the local and global development of competitive solutions through current data analytics and business intelligence technologies.

Making remarks on the partnership agreement, HAVELSAN Vice Chairman of the Board – Prof. Dr. Hacı Ali Mantar underlined the significance of HAVELSAN’s experience in enterprise resource planning and open source software, highlighting its expertise in the military and civilian industry.

Nacar said, “Our 40 years of experience has created digital transformation success stories so far. Our institutions adapted local and secure systems thanks to the recent developments in software. HAVELSAN KOVAN will be among those projects. We believe that a great partnership will be achieved when our experience in enterprise resource planning and open-source software and the SOFTTECH experience in business intelligence and data analytics unite.”

Expressing his pleasure for the cooperation, our CEO M. Murat Ertem has emphasized that Softtech always follows up the recent developments worldwide through its subsidiaries in America and China and join them with the software developers in Turkey.

Ertem stated, “Our focus on innovation efficiently contributes to Softtech’s expansion in financial software in various areas. Developed through advanced technology in our partnership with HAVELSAN, our leading-edge software development platform, artificial intelligence apps, and data analytics will be united with HAVELSAN’s experience. We believe that this partnership will also greatly participate in Turkey’s goal of becoming a technologically advanced country.”