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The winners of the “Entrepreneurial Institutions Awards”, which was organized for the third time this year, have received their awards. Created as an in-house entrepreneurship project, ImeceMobil, which continues its activities under Softtech Ventures, won “The Best In-House Entrepreneurship Project” award. Softtech CEO M. Murat Ertem stated at the “Entrepreneurial Institutions Awards” that he was delighted to support farmers and agriculture that is vital for sustainability as the digital world is put forward in various areas.

The winners of the “Entrepreneurial Institutions Awards” held for the third time this year by Fast Company Turkey, Entrepreneurial Institutions Platform, and Özyeğin University received their awards. ImeceMobil won the “Best In-House Entrepreneurship Project” award at the award ceremony organized to promote new in-house entrepreneurship projects and the most efficient new venture collaborations.

Adopting in-house entrepreneurship as our corporate culture, we won the “Best In-house Entrepreneurship Project” award we had first received in 2019 with GullsEye, operating in the international market, with “ImeceMobil” this year for the second time.

 “Today, 130,000 farmers are using ImeceMobil”

Given a speech at the online award ceremony, Softtech CEO M. Murat Ertem stated that “With ImeceMobil, our goal is to provide everyone who is engaged or planning to engage in farming with all the benefits of technology. As of today, we have been able to reach 130,000 farmers. ImeceMobil covers around 75,000 acres of fields, an area of the size of 11,000 football fields. Over 30,000 applications for financial products were submitted via ImeceMobil. Besides, more than 65,000 plant production areas and over 9,000 livestock facilities are registered on our platform.”

Stating his pleasure to promote agriculture we need sustainably while the digital world is being put forward to farmers such as the metaverse, Softech CEO M. Murat Ertem also thanked the ImeceMobil team by adding that he was duly honored to be deemed worthy of such an award as an institution adopted in-house entrepreneurship as a culture.

Everything related to agriculture and livestock breeding available on ImeceMobil

Created within Softtech in 2019 to use and expand the technologies accurately in digital agriculture, ImeceMobil first started to offer meteorological data unique to the field location in plant production sites to its users, free of charge. Agricultural weather conditions specific to the location of your field and facility, notifications of significant weather events before they happen, special campaigns for our farmers, current agricultural news, experts ready to answer your questions about agriculture and livestock, data on the current situation, and stock market… In a nutshell, everything related to agriculture and animal husbandry is on ImeceMobil.

ImeceMobil has won the Golden Award at the MMA’s (Mobile Marketing Association) Smarties Awards 2020, the Golden Sardis in the category of “Other Innovative Uses of Technology” at the Sardis Awards, and the “Best Use of Technology in Direct Marketing” award at the MarTech Awards 2021, where the winners are chosen based on the most successful and exemplary uses of marketing technologies.