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Speaking at the panel “software trends and needs” held as part of the Webrazzi Developer 2017 conference, Atınç Akçayöz of SoftTech made significant statements about the world of software.

Akçayöz said İş Bankası substantiated all its software projects adding that they offered mobile-based solutions in diverse industries including mainly the finance as well as the healthcare and logistics. Akçayöz said, with the SoftTech GARAGE, SoftTech’s project for the entrepreneurs, their target was to perpetuate the spirit of entrepreneurship within a corporate structure, and the products they developed under the SoftTech GARAGE were about to finish.
Atınç Akçayöz underlined that they focused on artificial intelligence and mobile technologies and their target was to offer their APIs across the world. Akçayöz added that they are inviting all who would like to contribute the banking industry to SoftTech GARAGE and said they needed iOS developers in particular.