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The IT world expands its human resources

At Softtech, we have recently partnered with the Competent Youth (YetGen) Education Cooperative to increase the number of competent human resources in the IT industry and launched Java and .net Training Program. The Program aims to help youngsters participate in the IT industry and improve the IT competence pool by providing training to selected YetGen undergraduates/graduates.

As Turkey’s pioneer technology company, we at Softtech are realizing a significant collaboration with YetGen, a free online training program that equips youngsters with 21st-century skills to boost tech-related employment and competencies. As of the end of December, we have ended the application period for graduates or undergraduates (2nd, 3rd, and 4th Year) studying statistics, mathematics, and physics departments in YetGen engineering faculties. The second phase of the program will involve youngsters in a 6-month training and recruitment process to be completed at the end of May.

Our partnership aims to prepare youngsters for the future, provide them with high personal and social awareness and technological know-how, and help them become inspiring individuals who contribute to society, thereby increasing the IT industry’s limited competence pool.

Candidates who have completed training will be evaluated for the recruitment process.

Two hundred forty-four young talents who satisfy the criteria within our Java and .net Training Program prepared in our collaboration with YetGen Jump will receive Java or .net vertical training and online course on training platforms. Candidates who successfully finish their training will proceed with the recruitment process at Softtech. During the recruitment process, candidates will be tested regarding technical knowledge and learning agility inventory and joined interviews. Candidates who succeed in General Aptitude, English tests, and interviews will participate in essential banking training.