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 Our “2020 Technology Report” has been published!

We gathered the trends that are predicted to be on the rise in the upcoming period in the “2020 Technology Report”. In our report, technologies that will shape the future, from efficiency scenarios in artificial intelligence to the impact of 5G technology on smart cities, to data security and autonomous vehicles, are discussed with a perspective that highlights innovation and entrepreneurship.

The “2020 Technology Report”, which we prepared to reveal the impact of technology trends on our lives from a multi-faceted perspective and to evaluate their usage areas, has been published. The report, which was published for the third time this year, includes predictions, evaluations and suggestions about when the future technology trends will be on ‘radar’ in the coming years and how big their effects will be.

Murat Ertem: We must be ready for the future together

Softtech General Manager M. Murat Ertem made important remarks about the 2020 report. “As Turkey’s leading technology company, we reconsider the trends of the future, shaped in the axis of technology, innovation and digital transformation. While the new age is approaching at a dizzying speed, we need to be ready for this era together, catch the trends and even lead the trends. For this reason, we evaluate the effects of technology trends on the new age, especially in the fields of banking, finance and financial technologies. In doing so, we take into account issues such as legal constraints, business models and the direction of money, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of technologies. I believe that our report will be a useful resource not only for industry professionals but also for anyone interested in technology.”

2020 Technology Report consists of four sections: “The Future of Technologies”, “Financial Technologies”, “Digitalization and Sectors” and “Entrepreneurship and Ecosystem”. For the first time this year in the report we put forward a collective vision by including guest writers such as Prof. Dr. Selim Yazıcı, Dr. Sertaç Doğanay, İhsan Elgin, Volkan Sezgin and Dr. Soner Canko

5G technology will create smart cities. Data security will be a strategic issue.

In the “Future of Technologies” section of the report, developments that will take a larger place in our lives in the coming period are discussed within the framework of ‘mediation’, ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘augmented reality’ and ‘internet of things’. It is stated that smart city studies will accelerate with the realization of 5G technology and that artificial intelligence will come to the forefront with efficiency-oriented scenarios. Data security, which has become one of the most important issues in the field of technology, is foreseen to be prominent as a strategic issue by the states.

Fintechs will come to the fore in financial access

Fintechs, which are considered as one of the most important developments in the financial sector especially in the last decade, have a large place in the “Financial Technologies” section of the report. The report states that fintechs have the potential to play a major role in increasing financing access around the world. This section also includes detailed information and analysis on new developments in international money transfers, insurance trends, asset management technologies and the future of open banking.

Flying car is not a dream anymore

In the “Digitalization and Sectors” section of Softtech’s highly anticipated technology report, developments in different sectors from health to agriculture are discussed in detail. In the report, it is also noted that in the near future flying cars will take a larger place in the agenda of many countries including Turkey.

Startups from Turkey are all around the world

In the last part of the 2020 Technology Report, the subject of “Entrepreneurship and Ecosystem” is addressed. In this section, ecosystem comparisons and information about angel investors, contract based investments and banks in entrepreneurship ecosystem take place in all details. In the ‘Turkey ecosystem’ section of the report which includes analysis of the current and future of ecosystems in the USA, Far East and European countries, emphasizes that startups are becoming more competitive on the global stage.