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Experian and Softtech Joined Forces

With a Machine Learning Models automation product “Convex”, it is possible for organizations of all sizes to develop data-driven solutions.

Experian, the global information services and analytics company, and Turkey’s leading software company Softtech, developed in cooperationa and offered the automatic machine learning platform (AutoML) Convex, to companies from all sectors and sizes. With the Convex platform, institutions can easily develop and deploy machine learning models without the need for technical resources or experts, which require hard work of information technology teams. Organizations can also increase their efficiency by gaining agility. Enabling model development without the need for coding, Convex minimizes the need for digital talent and makes machine learning applications accessible to institutions of all sizes.

Machine learning models are becoming widespread day by day, facilitating the business processes of companies of all sectors and sizes. Machine learning models fed with real-time data flow and facilitating decision making; provide speed, agility and efficiency advantages to institutions and businesses. On the other hand, the need for a workforce with technical competence is increasing in Turkey as in the rest of the world. Based on this need, Experian and Softtech collaborated and developed Convex to ensure that machine learning projects are concluded quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Companies of all industries and sizes can benefit from Convex

Convex standardizes all routine or specialized business processes with a no-code structure, making it possible for a user who is not a data scientist to develop machine learning models.The rapid implementation of the developed models provides both time savings and efficiency to institutions and businesses.  The Convex platform, which enables companies of all sizes to use machine learning technologies in different business lines, facilitates fast and accurate decision making, helping to develop data-oriented products and projects in every field from marketing to purchasing, from customer segmentation to efficiency.

Another important aspect that distinguishes Convex from its competitors is that the developed models can be quickly implemented into decision support engines and brought live. This is a time-saving issue, especially in large-scale institutions.

Another important feature is that all models developed in-house can be viewed on a single screen, validated and redeveloped automatically. Today, considering the macroeconomic reasons, changing customer needs and ways of doing business, the models must be kept under constant control and renewed.

High performance solution with Convex

Underlining that Experian is working on the development and automation of analytical models in line with the demands of the customers in the institutions where they developed projects, Experian Turkey General Manager Samile Mümin said, “With Convex, we have met the needs of our customers at the point of fast and accurate decision making with a high-performance solution. Thanks to Convex, our customers will now be able to develop their models more easily, update them more frequently, make quick measurements and reporting, without the need for technical resources, and use the models they have developed with artificial learning methods more quickly and easily.”

Machine learning platform that will create time for life: Convex

Saying that it is possible to provide services and solutions in accordance with the ever-changing needs and expectations in today’s world, with new generation technologies, Softtech General Manager M. Murat Ertem said: “As per our strategy, we are working hard to turn our service exports into product exports. In the challenging productization process, we prefer to move forward with collaborations instead of doing everything ourselves, from development to marketing, from experience to brand. Our Convex product, which we developed together with Experian, is of great importance for us, as it is the first output of these collaborations and will serve artificial intelligence applications that will create time for life.”