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By 2025, Artificial Intelligence will be our colleague


The sixth of the Technology Report, which we, as Softtech, annually prepare with the forecasts of industry experts, has been published. According to the Technology Radar in the report; Artificial Intelligence will play a bigger role in our lives until 2025 as a “colleague” that could undertake many jobs. Metaverse, Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Sustainability will also continue to be on our agenda through 2023.

The “2023 Technology Report”, examining the technologies of the future, explores what the technologies will be bringing to the sectors and people in times of crisis, with articles from experts in their fields. The “2023 Technology Report”, examining the technologies of the future, explores what the technologies will be bringing to the sectors and people in times of crisis, with articles from experts in their fields. The most striking section of the report, Technology Radar, states that by 2025, artificial intelligence colleagues will be widespread and will have more place in our lives. Among the other important topics included in the Technology Radar, Employee-Free Organisations, Artificial Intelligence Professionals, Digital Finance, Humanoid Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Human and Human Lifespan, Digital Reality and Wearable Invisible Technology will continue to take place on the technology agenda.

The novelty of this year’s report is that all articles have been dubbed by volunteers from Softtech in order to make it accessible for everyone. Hence, visually impaired individuals will also be able to follow the report with audio articles.

“Companies that are well advanced in digital transformation will emerge stronger from the crises”

Our General Manager M. Bülent Özçengel commented on the report and stated: “As we do every year, we proudly present our Technology Report to our readers once again. Although we have entered 2023 with economic recession expectations, we have the power and technologies to turn these into opportunities. In the report, we address the technologies of the future with today’s perspective within the scope of artificial intelligence, digital finance, entrepreneurship and innovation, and sustainability. As we rapidly approach the future, we see that companies that adapt to new technologies in finance, health, sustainability and many other areas will remain standing; similarly, we see that companies that invest in technology and make headway in digital transformation in times of crisis will emerge stronger from crises. We have introduced an important innovation in our Technology Report this year: we are publishing an audio version of our report in order to make it more accessible and inclusive for everyone and to reach more individuals. I believe that the report will be a source of reference for those interested in the technologies of the future, and I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our guest authors who made valuable contributions to the report with their articles and to all my teammates who voluntarily vocalized the articles.”

Artificial intelligence will be widespread by 2025

The 2023 Technology Report’s Technology Radar section, covering the technological breakthroughs foreseen until 2080, highlights the topics of Artificial Intelligence Colleagues, Edge Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Sustainability and Environment, and Monitoring Technologies for the period until 2025. “Artificial Intelligence Colleagues”, which was included in the Technology Radar in previous years, was moved to an earlier date scale in the 2023 radar.

Based on the information on Technology Radar, the developments in the last two years demonstrate that artificial intelligence could become a colleague that can help individuals for many tasks and undertake many responsibilities. Accordingly, it is predicted that artificial intelligence will be a common work colleague by 2025.

From 2025 onwards, the digital world will grow even bigger

In the Transition Period from 2025 to 2040 on the Technology Radar, Employee-Free Organisations, Artificial Intelligence Professionals, Digital Finance, Digital Sensory Interaction, Autonomous Vehicles, Basic Income, Quantum Artificial Intelligence, Digital Business Life, Virtual Universes, Digital Property and Everything as a Service are among the key agenda items. After 2040, the main topics of the Digital Age appear as Artificial Company, Humanoid Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Human and Human Lifespan, Digital Reality and Wearable Invisible Technology. “Digital Finance”, which is also in this period, points out as a new topic on the radar.

Large corporateions  are investing into sustainability technologies

The climate crisis and sustainability, two of today’s most important global issues, stand out among the prominent topics of the 2023 Technology Report. Drawing attention to climate technology initiatives, the report states that there are over three thousand climate technology startups and $222 billion was invested in this field between 2013 and the first half of 2021. The number of unicorn startups in the field of climate technologies has increased to 78, and the report shares the remarkable data that large corporations invest in areas such as carbon collection, greenhouse gas emission monitoring and renewable energy… Accordingly, companies such as Meta, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft are developing innovative solutions addressing the climate crisis.

Digital health industry raises standards in healthcare

As in many other fields, developments in science and technology are triggering transformation in the healthcare industry. In recent years, old, inefficient work conditions have been replaced by value-oriented and patient-centered systems, while the digital health industry is instrumental in raising service standards day by day. Building blocks of digital transformation such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, wearable and portable technologies, internet of things, big data, virtual and augmented reality, block chain, 3D printers are leading to significant breakthroughs in processes such as diagnosis, treatment, post-treatment and preventive care in healthcare systems. According to the report, Big Data, Ingestible Technology, Telehealth, Mobile Health (mHealth), Wearable Applications and Digital Twin can be listed among today’s popular technological advancements.

New professions will emerge for people who can adapt to new technologies

The 2023 Technology Report also states that products and services supported by artificial intelligence are increasingly becoming widespread today, both on the corporate and the end-user side. It seems that “generalists” who can communicate correctly with artificial intelligence, understand its working dynamics and language, and have a knowledge in many different fields that can make the right directions in the right context will have the opportunity to gain a new profession and income by using artificial intelligence. According to the report, as was the case in history, some professions will cease to exist due to technological developments, while new professions will be formed for those who can adapt to new technologies. It is also emphasized that humans have started to change the way they work by establishing meaningful cooperation with artificial intelligence.

As 5G usage increases around the world, Europe is retiring old network technologies one by one

Digital transformation in Turkey continues with 4.5G technology, while a quarter of the world’s population has already switched to 5G technology. It is estimated that 75% of the world’s population will use 5G technology by 2027. The data from the report states that 5G is the fastest spreading mobile communication technology in history, and that 2G and 3G network technology is gradually being phased out in Europe. The technologies we will be witnessing within the scope of 6G, which is regarded as the technology of the future, will include the internet of senses, connected smart machines, connected sustainable world, a digitized and programmable physical world, extreme wireless network, network computing fabric and cognitive network.

Cyber security factor should also be embraced by the community

Another prominent topic in the 2023 Technology Report is cyber security… Today, there is a high incidence of threats to the data available on the internet, especially in critical industries and infrastructures such as energy, health, finance and communication. In this respect, cyber security is a common area of work that uses technologies, processes, individuals and security controls to protect large-scale systems, devices on networks and the critical data they contain from attacks and to reduce the risk of attacks. The biggest structures affected by cyber attacks are state organizations.


According to the report, the cyber environment, which particularly has expanded in volume during the digital age, also includes research and development in the military field. The report points out that the social adoption and prioritization of the cyber security factor within Information and Communication Technologies will be beneficial for the development of cyber security products and solutions of the defense industry in the countries.

All the articles in the report have been vocalized

In order to make the Technology Report more inclusive and accessible to everyone, this year, for the first time, it meets technology enthusiasts in an audio version. You can access the 37 articles and the digital version of the 2023 Technology Report, which were dubbed by Softtech employees for visually impaired individuals, on our website and via the link