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Applications for the Talent Generation program are now open We discover fresh graduate talents


We have launched our Talent Generation program to attract young people interested in software development. Applications for the program opened on 27 March. Graduates or those graduating this summer can apply on our website until 28 May

We have opened applications for our Talent Generation program, which we organize every year with the goal of discovering young talent and bringing them into the world of technology. Graduates or those graduating this summer can apply to the program, which focuses on analysis, coding, and software development, until May 28.

Candidates interested in the program, which was launched under the motto “You are the Future”, can apply via the Talent Generation page in the Careers section of our website.

Softtech had employed 65 engineers and analysts

During the application process, candidates will first undergo HackerRank technical assessment and English language proficiency assessment. Those who successfully complete these stages will be invited to participate in group work. This is followed by an agility assessment and technical interviews leading to the offer stage. Once candidates successfully complete all the stages and join the company, they will have the opportunity to participate in customized orientation programs, personalized training sessions, mentoring, and in-house entrepreneurial experience programs. A total of 65 engineers and analysts from various Anatolian universities for the program and were employed within Softtech last year.

Softtech Innovation Team will mentor teams

Young people who are eligible to be part of Talent Generation will be involved in the Innovation Incubation Program in addition to their full-time jobs and will be introduced to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. They will have the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial ideas under the guidance of mentors, along with trainings consisting of theoretical knowledge. In addition, individuals will contribute their development in areas such as cooperation, team play, simplicity, design-oriented thinking, and creativity. Softtech Innovation team will mentor the teams and share their knowledge and experience, while also contributing to their development through Q&A sessions. At the end of the program, the teams will make an investor presentation with their business models to the innovation monitoring committee.