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The Future of Technologies

Examining the technologies that we believe will affect life deeply, this section includes our thoughts and evaluations within business life, artificial intelligence, physical life and digital life contexts, with respect to a future where concepts between life and existence are blurred.

Financial Technologies

In this section, consisting of technologies that shape our financial lives, our thoughts and evaluations in the contexts of technology, regulations and customer experiences are included, concerning a future where the distinction between technology companies and banks is blurred and financial experiences become singular.

Industries, Digitalization, and Human

This section, which includes digitalization technologies that affect all sectors except finance and the business world, involves our thoughts and evaluations in the contexts of automation, public trends and human competencies with respect to a future where the human dependence of the production has been started to be questioned.

Entrepreneurship and the Ecosystem

In this section, which consists of the entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurship ecosystem, we have shared our thoughts and evaluations in the contexts of different geographies, entrepreneurship approaches and investments, concerning a future where startups transform into big companies and the institutions gradually create small companies.

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