Volga product; is the companies’ modelling and management tool which automatizes, improves and promotes the productivity of the work processes between the users and systems of the companies.

The foremost advantage offered by Volga is its support of the company’s productivity and decision-taking mechanism by way of enhancing the workflow and process performance, shortening the cycle times, automation and acceleration of the processes.

Main features of Volga are as follows :

  • It provides comprehensive process management including the process modelling, advanced analysis and monitoring of the work productivity.
  • It takes part in the management of all human-, document-, system- and decision-oriented process models.
  • It offers a design by which the analysts can quickly model the work processes on Volga.
  • The built-in Rule Engine allows a rapid update of all processes without changing the processes.
  • Process specific cases are automatically managed to ensure an agile and instant response to internal events or customer requests.
  • Work processes previously developed on Volga can be used as an activity of the newly designed processes.
  • Designed with the performance criteria in mind, the infrastructure architecture allows fast and intense industrial use.
  • Process design, simulation and management tools that reflect the user experience also accelerates the management and design of the process-oriented transactions.
  • It helps fast application development.
  • It has an effective process monitoring and management module.
  • Infrastructure is available for cloud applications.
  • It supports process modelling, definition and execution standards such as WS – BPEL.