Softtech CRM


SoftTech develops packaged solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in both Banking and Insurance sectors, with CHORDIANT certified teams specialized in analytical and operational CRM.

Customer Relationship Management is a system which includes various functions. (Single Customer Image, Questionnaire Application, Counter Sales etc.) that is designed to transfer the sales opportunities generated by the data market and marketing strategies to the channels (branch, internet, ATM, etc.), to present the sales opportunities through theese channels and to collect customer responses and to help manage customer relations .

Real-Time Decision System enables capturing events in real-time, identifying the actions that can be taken in response and selecting the most appropriate action.It can be used for marketing purposes, as a warning system or as a customization tool.

Sales and Service Platform module is the face of CRM that is in touch with the user. It includes various functions as delivery of marketing activities (such as offers) to the user and their management and the management of customer information. It also includes functions that make it possible to reach a wide variety of customer data on a single screen.

Marketing and Planning It is an environment where a target group can be specified through the created database, a campaign can be defined and planned and the desired output can be designed. This output is sent to the target group by creating integrations in such channels as Email and SMS.

Event-Based Marketing Platform is a platform where the transactions of the customers in different channels and their card movements can be listened to and various scenarios can be designed on these transactions and various actions can be taken accordingly (such as sending e-mail, SMS.

Campaign Optimization is a platform which ensures that the best bid is offered to the appropriate customers and through the appropriate channels, for the purposes of achieving goals such as profit maximization and regulation of communication frequency by taking into account constraints such as campaign capacity, customer communication frequency rules, customer channel preferences and keeping track of the cost items such as channel costs.

Social CRM module is a platform that helps the organizations to manage their social media activities by enabling them to listen to the customers, get to know them better, provide various services, get closer to them through community management. There are several functions such as Message Management, Social Media Tracking, Social Segmentation, Social Profile, Content Management under the headings of listening, understanding, interaction and action.