Sosyal Posta Kutusu

SoftTech – Social Postbox Application

SOCIAL POSTBOX is a social media platform application whereby the messages received by the companies’ social media accounts on the Facebook and Twitter can be listened to, procedures regarding the relevant work processes can be commenced/monitored, and at the same time company responses can be communicated to the customers.

All company accounts can be listened to and managed together after transferring them to a single work pool. The messages can be automatically transferred to pools and assigned to competent users. The messages that arrive at the task pool are displayed as dialogues between the organization and the customer through the relationship between messages. It is very easy to understand which message chain a new incoming message belongs to, and the process is managed more reliably in this way.

The system also has capability to integrate with the in-house processes for the purpose of dealing with and replying the incoming messages in a healthier way. In-house complaint management process based on incoming message, processes like an application process can be started through SOCIAL POSTBOX.

WITH SOCIAL POSTBOX, a closer and instant communication can be established and quick feedback can be received regarding the products and services. A more precise and up-to-date information can be obtained about the customers’ expectations and needs, the customers are enabled to use the relevant channels in a more active way thanks to the effective complaint management capability, resulting in a higher customer satisfaction.

      Main features of Social Postbox:

  • Listening and reporting the messages received by the social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter,
  • Automatic transfer of the messages received by the social media to the pools and the users with the logic of a social customer services,
  • The possibility to follow and process all social media channels via a single work pool,
  • Display and management of the messages as a dialogue between the customer and the company,
  • Management of the active/passive status of the users,
  • Filtering according to the users’ authorities,
  • Deleting and archiving the messages,
  • Spam management,
  • Assignment transactions between the pool and the users,
  • Display of the social account profiles in Twitter, Facebook, etc.,
  • Mapping between the customer and its social accounts,
  • Displaying the profiles of the mapped customers at the company,
  • Process integration and monitoring with the work process applications inside the company,
  • The ability to mark the sentiment analysis of the messages,
  • Delivery of Customized and General Messages,
  • Selection of subject and template,
  • Display of action history,
  • Dialogue management operations,
  • Dashboard report screens,
  • Mapping of Facebook and Twitter Accounts,
  • Klout Integration,
  • Key word search,
  • Recording and reporting of the filtered records in Excel format.