Consisting of two main modules named Electronic Physical Archive and Correspondence Management, SİNERJİ is a complete application that helps your organization to manage the documents and correspondence in the best way.

SİNERJİ Electronic Physical Archive Module:
SİNERJİ Electronic Physical Archive module manages end-to-end the whole document life cycle in your corporation, from the creation process of the electronic or physical documents to their destruction. Thanks to its strong classification rules, saved documents are automatically placed in the correct locations according to the corporate file classification plan. Moreover, thanks to preservation plans and clearance rules, the storage period and the destruction processes at the end of this period are easily conducted. With the flexible authorization structure, it is possible to control the authority of all created documents from a single location or to attribute specific authorities to the document / folder.

There is a service interface for integration with other applications of the organization. It also includes storage, shelf, cabinet and box definitions for tracking physical documents. It allows the physical documents to be processed easily, such as personal custody, storing in the cabinet, requesting documents from the archive.

It has a high performance with a powerful database architecture and distributed resource management. It is very flexible with capabilities of defining and customizing unlimited number of index fields, document and folder types.

SİNERJİ  Correspondence Module:
It also offers an infrastructure which enables the companies to manage, monitor, quickly complete and report their official correspondence. It is a supplementary application that supports companies to considerably reduce their major cost items such as the security of the post, deliveries and documents. It accelerates correspondences by carrying the existing paper-based communication to the digital media,  eliminates the paper costs, and increases the speed of access to and sharing of the information and documents.

With the help of the Correspondence Module, workflows can be standardized, communication transactions can be accelerated, official authorization procedures can be followed in electronic media, access to information can be faster, completed correspondence can be separated from the ongoing correspondence, outdated correspondence can be automatically archived, all procedures can be monitored, concluded and reported in a fast way .

The system’s ability to support the Qualified Electronic Signature is also a significant advantage in integration of the Correspondence Management with the E-Government projects.

SİNERJİ also provides for simultaneous access to information, ensuring the information security, establishment of organizational memory, acceleration of work processes, paper-free office, standardization of physical archiving, monitoring of the electronic and physical document relationship and tracking of the documents.