An application that combines customer information and relations, basic demographic data, customer products, customer-specific and segment-specific rates and commissions, and creates current, real-time snapshots.

The core banking application package, is a centralized structure that supports and integrates operational activities with existing data.

Main features of RALLY:

Customization by parameter according to the organization or different country regulations,

    • Convenience of configuration capability by the Expert/Authorized Business User without the need for coding
    • Automation of tasks according to workflow
    • Customer Document Management
    • Lead and Customer Management
    • Customer Segmentation, Customer Ownership and Customer Status Management
    • Relationships between individuals and Companies (Organizations)
    • Financial Data, ID Information, Communication Information, Rating Information
    • Definition of Subsidiary, Shareholder, Affiliate
    • Customer Preferences, Rating Information
    • Customer Limits, Commissions and Rates
    • Latest Technology, Interactive screen design, screen standardization
    • Integration with External Systems
    • Multilayer User Roles, Multi-faceted, Flexible Authorization
    • Quick learning opportunity for new users with user guidance and briefing
    • Multi-language support

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