It is a core banking application that: can be easily adapted to different country laws and regulations; provides quick access to international markets; is integrated with business solutions; addresses basic needs; and features user-friendly screens.

As a comprehensive banking solution;

  • It offers services to meet the needs of individual and institutional customers.
  • It offers effective use for customers through the use of a single customer image.
  • Supports real-time central transactions and allows batch processing.
  • It offers services through multiple channels, such as internet banking, POS, and ATM in deposit accounts, credits, payments, treasury and foreign trade.

Our expert team, with extensive experience in core banking, has been involved in several banking and finance projects. Our team is ready to cooperate with you offering a blend of experience and knowledge and a result-oriented service mission.

Key Features;

  • Over 300 screens and reports,
  • Ease of use through basic and simple screens,
  • Easy adaptability with parametric structure,
  • Integration with external applications,
  • Experienced and proficient staff in banking,
  • Customer relationship management features, including 360-degree customer view,
  • New product and customer creation ,
  • General accounting and reports,
  • Best practice workflow processes,
  • Dept collection,
  • Deposit transactions,
  • Loan transactions,
  • Treasury and foreign trade transactions,
  • Payment transactions,
  • Channel integration (Branch, Internet, ATM, POS),
  • SMS and email integration,
  • Security check and supervision,
  • Nostro account reconciliation.