Mobile Catalog Application; is an innovative, yet simple product that allows you to present your products on devices running iOS and Android operating systems.

It is highly effective in product promotion with its attractive user interface. With beautifully crafted impressive presentations and videos, it allows you present all information that users need for decision making.

The application allows your users to review the newest products offline or online on their mobile devices.

Mobile catalog application enables your company to share information on your products with customers, through an impressive user experience.

Mobile catalog application provides a base for you to promote your products and services with its impressive and capturing application interface. It provides support for visit management, offer and order input, installation management, and presentation management. In addition, it includes presentation sharing, instant warnings, survey publishing, comment input and location-based services.

INZUO, helps promote through the impressive presentations, documents, and videos, created with its service information display modules. It is possible to create interactive presentations enriched with animations.

Modules offered by INZUO ;

Visit management : Visit follow-ups can be made on monthly, daily, annual calendars, and such features of visits as participants, date, presentations that are to be used in the visit etc. can be organized,

Proposal creation, order placement : Offer and order information can be saved through the application, and outputs of saved offers can be exported in commonly used files formats (.csv, xls),

Document sharing : Documents, presentations and videos can be shared in full or on a page-by-page basis through the application,

Offline working capability : The latest products, presentations and documents can be viewed online or offline,

Installation Management : In case of the need to update, the user is warned to schedule the update when desired; user can elect to obtain updates through 3G or Wi-Fi.