It is ultimately important for the real estate companies to prepare their portfolio management in an efficient, productive and organized way. Following the portfolio information securely by using a central application instead of maintaining the portfolio information in hundreds of different files gives the organizations the opportunity to work productively. The ease of access to the portfolio information is very crucial for the systematic management and updating this information as well as the portfolio information’s being accessible at all times of the day from everywhere.

The Real Estate Portfolio Management Application developed by Softtech is a web application featuring the functions that may be needed by the Real Estate Investment Trusts in their management, which,

  • Works in integration with accounting system,
  • Eases the process and user management,
  • Providing easier management and operations with reports and warnings.

With the Real Estate Portfolio Management Application; the portfolio status, income and expenditure items under the projects and real estate business, invoice information, cash flow in securities account, insurance transactions, progress and advance payments of the contractors and suppliers can be managed and the portfolio can be managed instantly via the reports. It ensures a strong, quality and reliable structure thanks to the content security, secure access, intracompany authorization, record amendment archive, warning mechanism regarding the assignments and assigned jobs, dynamic approval procedures.

Real Estate Portfolio Management Application is made up of the following components;

  • Real Estate Transactions,
  • Customer and Tenant Transactions,
  • Renting Transactions and Payment Plan follow-up,
  • Preliminary Contract for Sale and Invoice Transactions,
  • Contractor and Contract transactions,
  • Contractors Advance and Progress Payments,
  • Accounting Transactions,
  • Reports,
  • Application Management Transactions.